necessary camping/backpacking supplies:

Tent, sleeping pad, sleeping bag, light or head lamp, shirts long or sleeve depending on weather, pants or shorts depending on weather, socks, underwear, class A uniform, jacket or sweater depending on weather, water bottle, first aid kit, trail food, sun protection, whistle, pocketknife, Rain gear, matches, compass, sleeping clothes, shoes, bug spray, (cooking gear, food for patrol), flossing gear, toothbrush, toothpaste, toilet paper, shovel, water, filter for water, backpack for camping/backpacking, hat depending on weather, rope, and boy scout handbook.

 Optional camping/backpacking supplies:

Fishing rod, sewing kit, malet, hatchet, camping pillow, cot, swimming gear, small heater, blanket, portable radio, chair, watch, wood, cards, football or entertainment, and a fan.