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AT High Adventure Trip

So we came back from the high adventure trip today. It was fun and miserable at the same time. On the first day we saw a rattlesnake and then our campsite got closed because of bears. Luckily the ranger let us stay for the night! Later that night it rained. Mostly everybody had some kind of issue with the rain and almost everyone's stuff got a little wet. We think the rain actually scared the bears away so there's an upside to everything! But then day 2 came... It started off as a pretty hard but okay day considering nobody's food got eaten by the bears the night before. Then about mid afternoon it began to rain and it poured and thundered. We all got soaked and luckily we were at a shelter to hunker down for a while until the storm passed. Once the storm passed, everyone was pretty much miserable. We had wet clothes, wet shoes, wet socks, wet sleeping bags, wet backpacks, wet tents...I think you get the point. Once it stopped raining we went on and made it out of the smokies and found a camping spot for the night. We took about 2 hours to get all of the bear bags up, but again nobody's food got eaten that night. So on day 3, we crossed under I-40. That was really cool at the time, but then it was straight uphill for 6 miles...That wasn't so cool. After that we had the hardest part behind us and had a nice downhill until we got to another shelter. At the shelter the campsite was 2 miles away...at least we thought. Once we got to the campsite it had taken about 2 hours, and we were at a pretty good pace. We noticed that the sign at the campsite said the shelter was 3.6 miles away. So now Mr. Hani and the rest of us are convinced that the person marking the distances on the trail may have been a bit drunk, and made us get out hope up for nothing. So then again, we slept well and didn't have many problems. The next day was the best, because we went 4 miles to get to Max Patch where we met up with parents and ate real food. It was amazing considering we had only eaten dehydrated meals for a couple days. After that we had another 6 miles and well we sorta got lost. Luckily we weren't too far off the trail, and got back on but it wasn't the best 6 miles ever. Once we got to the campsite at lemon gap, we had another good night, but we were back to dehydrated meals. Thursday we woke up and hiked. It took about 45 minutes to pump water (a long time) and then we had a pretty simple 10 miles...or so we thought. We were convinced we were only a mile from out campsite, until we saw the sign that said we were 1917 miles from Maine, 3.7 miles away from the campsite, and 6.9 miles away from hot springs. So we really slowed down and then we ran out of water. We went a mile or 2 without water and that was terrible. luckily when we got to the campsite, we had lots of water. So we were bummed about not getting to hot springs on Thursday, but it only took us an hour to get into hot springs! We ate breakfast at a diner, went to a shop and stunk up the bathrooms a bit, then went to the hot springs and relaxed and turned the water brown. Such a successful trip and congratulations to everyone that was on it!

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